What are Ottez?

After surviving an apocalyptic event, 4,007 generative, collectible PFP otters have taken over Earth and are available as NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. You can read the full backstory on our Lore page.

Ottez can have up to eight different variable traits (Eyewear, Headgear, Piercings, Clothing, Eyes, Mouth, Tail, Fur) + a background. The traits contain a rarity system, which allow the Ottez to be ranked in terms of rarity. The Magnificent 7, are unique and do not follow this system. They are the rarest Ottez.

You can view the rarity rankings of the full collection here.

Ottez traits

Why own an Ottez?

Ottez is an art project with no particular utility. Our project is all about community and cool art.

  1. 1. Dope pfp + IP Licence
    A dope pfp to be used where you like with an IP Licence attached.
  2. 2. Community
    Being part of a fun, vibrant and exclusive community.
  3. 3. Airdrops
    Airdrops of fun art pieces.
  4. 4. Giveaways
    Giveaways, whitelisting for other projects and airdrops by other projects.
  5. 5. Fun!
    Join in the fun on our Discord.

The Team


Wwwombats (Anthony)

Co-Founder & Artist
Wwwombats trained in Fine Art: Painting at a top UK university and specialises in traditional landscapes - oil on canvas. He also has many years of professional experience in web and graphic design, working in the Sports, Tech, and eCommerce sectors. With a life-long passion for making art and collecting "stuff", NFTs were a natural progression. He is a father of two.

Mompy (Mark)

Advisor / Moderator
Mompy has a professional background covering finance, sales, investigation and regulatory compliance, and uses this experience to support the project not only as a Moderator, but wherever else he can. He has had a keen interest and been an investor in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for c10 years, landing on Tezos due to its green credentials and strong underlying technology.  Father of one.  


Discord Moderator


  1. 1. How many Ottez were originally minted?
    4,007 Ottez were minted in the genesis mint. These are the original Ottez, the Alpha’s.
  2. 2. Is there rarity attached to each Ottez?
    Yes each Ottez is unique and has rarity according to the traits present. We have a rarity gallery where you can see this. There are also seven completely unique Ottez called The Magnificent 7 who hold traits only present in them. https://ottez.gallery
  3. 3. Can I get involved in the project?
    Yes, whilst the collection is sold out, they are available on the secondary market on Objkt.com and Rarible.com.
  4. 4. Do holders get any benefits from holding an Ottez?
    Ottez is an art project. There is no utility with Ottez. We occasionally do airdrops of free artwork, giveaways, and are always open to introduce new fun activities with the community.
  5. 5. Who is the team behind Ottez?
    Wwwombats is an artist skilled in traditional and digital art and has been working in web/graphic design for many years. The second member of the team is Mompy, who provides Discord support. We have also added the services of Yoeshi for Discord moderation. More info can be found on the team section of our website.
  6. 6. Does the project involve any more drops?
    At present we are only planning on doing free airdrops to the holders of Ottez.

Provenance & Contracts

Crowdsale Contract: KT1QYZ2PfU4VrhtJNic8vXVBUB6WL1Yh4syR
Ottez NFT Contract: KT1L7GvUxZH5tfa6cgZKnH6vpp2uVxnFVHKu

Provenance Hash: