Terms & Conditions

We have always wanted the owner of each individual Ottez to be able to use the Ottez for whatever purposes they want to. You have a licence to use the Ottez that you own for commercial purpose, artistic purposes, or just use it as a PFP. It is entirely up to you.

There are a few areas that we need to be clear on though. The Ottez branding and any additional artwork produced by the Ottez team does remain the property of the Ottez team so any commercial venture using our branding would need to have our permission before using it. We don’t mind if you use the branding in conjunction with your owned Ottez for personal use. You cannot use the branding on its own though. We are doing this to ensure we can protect the integrity of the project and the brand for everyone.

Additionally, any project looking to offer any derivative or manipulation service to Ottez holders would need to seek our permission before using any of our branding or posting in any of our social channels. Again, this is to ensure that we can avoid the project being negatively affected by a third party.

Please, however, bear in mind that if you do pursue any commercial activities with your owned Ottez and then sell that Ottez there may be issues with any continued activities. You would need to establish these issues and any consequences for yourself.

The Ottez team reserve the right to use any Ottez created in new supporting artwork, so we may from time to time use your Ottez without seeking permission but this will only ever be in a positive way. The 7% royalty attached to each Ottez remains in place for each owner and after each sale.